The stone chosen by God is his cornerstone

1 Peter 2:4-8

We are entering to the season of pass over. When we come to God, we are coming to him as a cornerstone.

Isaiah 53:3

In this scripture, it shows all Jesus went through for us

John 1:11

Jesus Christ has taken rejection for us, he was despised and rejected. We are seen as beloved for the great exchange of Jesus Christ who took all our sin.

Ephisians 2:12-22

We are built together through Christ Jesus. We should offer our souls onto him.

Isaiah 26:18-27

What Jesus has done should not be taken for granted knowing that only Jesus could die for us all.

Psalms 118:22-23

It is marvelous what God has done sending Jesus for us only. ┬áJesus’ love must be perfection in our sight.

Luke 20:17-18

Never doubt the truth of the word of God, you are stumbling on the stone of offence. Jesus is the precious cornerstone in the sight of God. We are all living stones. We should be an acceptable cornerstone for Christ.


Jesus never fails to be successful, the passover season is near. We must come out of any enslavery that might have been bought from the enemy.


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